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Companies Providing Products Specialize In The Form Of Aerobatics Check There Sites Out Too View There Products


Probuild is one of the best aerobatic specialist in the world,
I am happy to have them on my website they have the best
service and information you can get they are not only manufacturers of their Own kits but they supply kits from around the world the UK they are also flyers themselves of corse and good ones too well they have to be they really do have the knowledge for this hobby,
 Probuild are second to none and I mean it they have helped me a number of times they always surprise me with their quick supply of replacement parts or information they have everything for the best in the world to starting of aerobatics
they are the guys to ask when you get stuck they are also the suppliers for YS engines among loads of other great products,

you have to see their website to see what they have just click on their logo some of the Prouducts thay suply APS Props, Trettra accessories, Htori Poes & Manifpilds, Leak free gaskets, CFE alloy accessories, AAP products, 3W engines, Robart retracts, Volz Servos,Carbon Pipes,Tru Turn Spinners,PL & ZN Line of kits You Realy need to see thair website as thair is too much to list


Where you can find an extensive range of Carbon and GRP parts mostly manufactured by them in rural Hertfordshire. thay have been manufacturing Upgrade parts for Radio Controlled Aircraft six years here is a list of some of the products thay produce..
Light Quality Carbon Upgrade Parts and GRP standard units.
Including Undercarriages, Tail Wheel Plates, Cowlings, Spats, Heli Bodies, Tubes, Rods, Flat Plate, Cloth, Tow and more......
NEW ! CARBON PROPS & SPINNERS click our LINKS Button in the menu.
NEW! Range of Brian Taylor Cowlings plus others, Logo10 and T Rex Heli bodies, Shocky type undercarriages, Profile Undercarriages, CCU21, CCU22, CCU23, CCU24 undercarriages
I personaly have seen there work and are very impressed with the help and information thay give when on the phone to them thay always do there best to find what you are looking for too fit your needs!!
Check out there site click on the logo


Updates Coming soon

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