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Probuild you have to see their website to see what thay have just click on their logo to view the prouducts thay have 


Noel Barrett Models supplier of F3A aerobatic supplies. Noel has over 40 years modelling experience check out there website for the products


Pete Tindal's airplanes arose from a need to have extremely aerobatic models in the vogue of fun fly but, with a semi scale apperance check out there site for information on there planes


Professionally made foam wings, using modern production techniques applied to custom work we can produce quality wings at very realistic prices!


Light Quality Carbon Upgrade Parts and GRP standard units.
Including Undercarriages, Tail Wheel Plates, Cowlings, Spats, Heli Bodies, Tubes, Rods, Flat Plate, Cloth, Tow and more......


Black Burn Models /Balsa Mart
you have to check out there Homepage to see the great deals and building materials thay supply


The place for all your aero modeling Engines, Spares & Accessories
Our own range of superb engines.
Suitable for R/C or C/L, sport, aerobatics, 3D (Fun Fly), speed, scale..

ZN Line Arobatic KITS

YT international suppliers of models and accessories soon to have a f3a kit for next year click on there logo above to view there site

Mark Leavesley started model flying at the age of 7. He has flown in many jet and helicopter ompetitions all his life, coming second at the World Jet Masters in Austria in 1999. check out his new website for more details about him and his model shop

F3A Team Finland is an association to promote precision aerobatics (F3A) in Finland click on there logo to view the website with great pictures


Tom Laird's aerobatics website full of information on aerobatics upto date with latest news pictures also a great site to learn more check it out


The Scottish Aeromodellers Association


Homepage of the specialist body for radio control precision aerobatic model flying in Great Britain.


I.M.A.C.  U.K. our main aim is to promote the competition flying, in several different classes, of scale model aerobatic aircraft in sequences  of aerobatic manoeuvres as flown by their full size counterparts. The aircraft must be scale come and join us, practicing for and taking part in our competitions really does sharpen your flying, so come and have a go you'll get plenty of help and encouragement we're a friendly bunch. just click on our logo above

Bellow are some links to personal website's of pilots around the UK interested in aerobatics

Bellow are links to model flying clubs around scotland if you want to link your club e-mail me

Click on the logo's to view the sites

Scottish F3A and Freestyle Aerobatics