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Need help with your flying or just want to find out more?......

Just a few things to help you out on your way to aerobatics
Be patient good flying and smooth maneuvers takes lots of practice, and practice is the key!
Dont be afraid to try new things
Never give up 
If you know you aren''t good at a certain maneuver 
its good to practice it  keep doing this over and over again untill you get better
Rather than just keep flying a schedule al the time try practice each maneuver Separately over and over again  then go back to the schedule see the differance when its altogether you should find you are flying each maneuver better!
Top Tips Use your Rudder Its not just there to taxi on and of that runway
it is vital that you practice get used to using your rudder my suggestion is flat circles using your rudder to turn the plane and use the aileron to correct the wings keeping wings level , then proggress to flat figure of 8 also using your rudder to turn the plane! once you get the hang of that try it inverted!

4 point rolls  Tip i have found too help with my 4 point rolls  when you are inverted it can some times get confusing using the rudder to keep the model straight, knowing what way to turn as the controls are reversed?,
To help you over come this think about the maneuver before you do it, i found that flying inverted using the rudder all the time helpd me to remember  what way your using your rudder, so i practiced inverted flight over and over untill i  had the combination of inverted flight and rudder controll logged into my head it also helps your inverted aileron control you should find after practice, thinking about the maneuver, and keep doing it over and over until it is logged in to your head,
 your manuvers will get better
Advanced Flying!
Its Fairly easy to perform some simple maneuvers ie: loop roll stall turn but making them look good with no flaws is what you aiming for, and what will tell the difference between advanced flyers and sport! but unfortunately this wont hapen over nite and the saying "its not how fast you get there but you endure and make" it comes to mind!
A top tip to help your maneuvers and geting them rite Go to a competition and watch some of the flyers you will get an idea  of what you should be doing then go away and try and perform them!
Check out these sites for the latest competition dates
Having a good model, and one thats set up correctly does help and gives an advantage! But if you can make maneuvers look good with a sport flyer then when you move to somthing more like suitable for presision aerobatics you will find your self noticing the differance in your performance right away!

Please come back this page is being updated  soon

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